Remember Me


年份 Year: 2012
導演 Director: 梁碧芝 Gilitte Leung
編劇 Scriptwriter: 梁碧芝 Gilitte Leung
演員 Cast: 洪永城 Tony Hung, 蔡瀚億 BabyJohn Choi, 顏卓靈 Cherry Ngan, Aka @ Super Girls, 葉麗嘉 Rebecca Yip
類型 Genre: 劇情 Drama
對白 Dialogue: 粵語 Cantonese
片長 Runtime: 15 分鐘 mins

據聞2012年12月21日是世界末日.  街上燈飾閃耀, 有人拿著一袋二袋戰利品, 有人趕著說我愛你, 有人圍在家裡看影碟, 有人拿出股票細看, 有人趕著在隧道行走, 有一圍男女老幼坐著一起吃飯, 有人在街上擁抱… 究竟, 他們所做的, 是因為世界末日的來臨, 還是其他原因?

It is said that December 21, 2012 is the end of the world.  Different people doing different things – walking on the street with shopping bags; rushing to say I Love You; watching DVD at home; looking at the stock certificates; rushing to walk in the tunnel; having dinner with family; embracing each other warmly.  What they are doing, is because the end of the world, or other reasons?

::::  2012 年 12 月 16 日 雅虎香港獨家播放。就讓我們一起來迎接世界末日!
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::::  Exclusively release on Yahoo! Hong Kong on 16 December 2012.  Let’s welcome doomsday together!
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曾參展電影節 Official Selection in Film Festival

The 28th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2012, Germany