Colored Production成立於2006年,是一家獨立電影公司。由於致力獨立發展, 我們非常擅長在資源及時間有限的情况下完成水準以上的作品。有創意的製作是我們重點的服務,我們相信這是能讓觀眾留下深刻印象的不二之法。

在製作非常充裕的資金下的項目,我們都慣以極善用物資的精神下創造出超出預期的作品,“慳”了的全都用在製作方面,所做出的視像作品只會比更好的更好。把所有平凡的東西 “著色” 便是 “Colored” 的宗旨。我們深信 “畫龍點精” 但絕不畫蛇添足。


Established in 2006, Colored Production is a production house devoted to independent films. We produce indie films that are up to standard with limited resources at limited time. We place a high concern for creativity. We believe this is the only way to impress our audience. Indeed, this has been our strength and our principal service.

No surprise projects with sufficient budget and resources can give birth to fantastic works. This is not what we need. Our full efforts on productions give us a magic wand to turn ordinary to extraordinary, better to the best. Our name “Colored” since we mean to give life and color to our works – never too much just a tinge for perfections.

“We treat every single project with creativeness and earnestness”